Indie Frontiers

FTL Review on Indie Frontiers: “Stern’s film paints a mural of cosmic possibility, a rich visual feast prepared on a constrained budget; when the film takes off, it’s spectacular, racing neck and neck with Hollywood blockbusters.”

Film Threat
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Film Threat

Interview with Chris Gore on Film Threat


The 7th Matrix

FTL review on The 7th Matrix

Short Film Fan

Toronto Shorts International Film Festival Back For 5th Year - "...One Canadian short that will catch your eye is FTL, which was written and directed by Adam Stern and stars Ty Olsson as Commander Kane."

 The Independent

Cerys Wilson Talks with Music Composer, Writer, and Director Adam Stern on His New Sci-Fi Space Travel Short FTL

Outer Places

Adam Stern's Indie Sci-Fi Film 'FTL' Captures the Wonder of Spaceflight.


Digital FilmMaker Magazine

"Space Junkie" Visual Effects expert Adam Stern on his love for science-fiction. 


The 7th Matrix

Interview With Visual Effects Maestro Adam Stern, Creator Of Sci-Fi Short Films 'FTL' And 'The Adept'

604 Now

Writer/Director Adam Stern discusses VFX and his upcoming film, FTL. 


Ain't It Cool News

"A scientist with a passion for magic gets more than he bargains for when performing a new card trick." Well hell, with a synopsis like that - how can you not give the film a shot? Writer/Director Adam Stern of Artifex brings us something that absolutely delivers on that promise. THE ADEPT is something truly special, a wild visual feast "that explores the connections between science, magic, and our understanding of reality."


Geek Tyrant: A Scientist Plays With Magic in Fun Sci-Fi Short Film THE ADEPT

"What I love about it is that it plays with both magic and sci-fi, which are two things that I’m really into."


Film Buzz: The Adept Leaves You Craving More At FilmQuest

"A scientist with a passion for magic gets more than he bargains for when he attempts a new card trick in the Sci-fi short The Adept. Sometimes, filmmakers make a short film as a concept for a much bigger feature. We at Film Buzz sure hope that THE ADEPT becomes a feature film soon as the short was AMAZING! Film Buzz was able to interview the director, Adam Stern about the film and what is on the horizon."


The Movie Waffler

“As Ben and Maddy make good their escape from gun wielding government spooks, the film explores the mystic nexus between science and magic, the symbiotic phenomena that also constitutes the yin yang of cinema itself, and which is done exciting justice by The Adept.”


The 206

“Okay, so this nine minute short film, directed by Adam Stern and starring Adam Reid and Jennifer Spence, is a a beautifully shot and bad ass piece of film making.”



4.5/5, Must See Short Film.


Film Shortage

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