Part 4 - Amsterdam Redux / by Adam Stern


Spent the end of our trip back in beautiful Amsterdam. Stupidly hot outside, so predominantly wandered the streets with frequent stops for drinks and air conditioning. Took a siesta back at the hotel because we were MELTING in the 36 degree heat, and watched “In Brugge” which was even better the second time... since we had just been there the day before.

Had some great meals, shopped for gifts, and soaked up the last moments of this really amazing trip. It could only have been better if it was longer and if we didn’t miss the kids so much at this point.







Lovely plane ride back with the opportunity to pick out 2 more ceramic dutch houses - LOVE KLM - and arrived back to a beautiful sunny evening in Vancouver. Excited to pick up Maddy 12 hours later and Gabe another 24h after that.